Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Dear Colette: 3 Month Letter

Dear sweet Colette,
Your third month went by with flying colors. You are simply a joy to be around. You smile all the time and you started to giggle. Daddy made you giggle first. Mommy tried and tried, but he is funnier than I am, I suppose. You started grabbing the toys on your playgym thing. You also started rolling onto your side and I'm guessing in the next few days you will start rolling onto your tummy all by yourself. You do it now with a little assistance.
You are around 11lbs 2oz. We have had a couple set backs when it comes to your reflux and weight gain, but I think we may have sorted it out because this past week you gained an oz a day!!! You like to sleep with mommy at night and you nurse 1-2x a night. I love the sweet snuggles.
we read stories together at night in Lilah's bed
you are so happy and expressive 

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