Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Lilah: Five Months

Dear Lilah,
This month has been a crazy one! I feel like you are changing and developing everyday! Each day I'm shocked by the new things you do! This morning you rolled from your back to tummy ALL BY YOURSELF! I was just like, WHAT? It was only last week that you rolled from your belly to back. You are growing up so fast! You are getting better at sitting up on your own, too! If we stand you up and hold your little hands, you try and walk. You definitely have the marching in place down! You LOVE LOVE LOVE music! You will stop whatever you are doing to "dance" and bounce and you get a big smile on your face! Maybe you'll be a dancer or musician? We are still working on a schedule and trying to get you sleeping through the night. You still wake up 1-2x a night to eat. We are also trying to start introducing solids. You are really good at opening your mouth for the spoon and I think you are consuming more than you are spitting out! We've done rice cereal and carrots so far.

Earlier this month, someone brought to my attention a possibility of a tongue or lip tie b/c of your symptoms (arching and screaming while nursing, unable to drink a bottle... it took you 20mins to drink 2 oz from a bottle, unable to stay latched, slow weight gain...). I did some research and it appeared to me that you had an upper lip tie. So I called pediatrician and they told me to make an appt with an ENT. She "examined" you and told me that you looked normal, although your lip did attach pretty low...::eye roll from me:: and if you did have a lip tie, it would in no way effect nursing. So I talked to your dad and we agreed to get a second opinion. I made an appt with Dr. Margolis who specializes in tongue and lip ties. I was so thankful someone listened to me! You had a class 4 upper lip tie (which is the worst) and a class 2 posterior tongue tie. He only recommends revisions for class 3 and 4 so we left your tongue tie, but had your lip tie lasered. The effects were immediate! I nursed you right after the procedure and could tell that your latch was different and deeper! You didn't pull off or scream either! The recovery was a little rough the first couple of days but you were still a different kid! So much happier! You were and still are eating SOO much better! I don't have anxiety anymore about taking you out in public. I would say 90% of the day you are happy which was not happening before the revision. I was sick of the nurses and drs telling me to switch you to formula or that you still had colic! I knew something wasn't right and I am so glad someone informed me of this issue and I followed my gut and got this fixed for you! I think you are up around 14lbs now! We are transitioning into 3-6mo clothing but you still fit into most of your 0-3mo outfits. We also just moved to size 2 diapers! You are getting rolls on your legs, finally! You have the cutest little chubby hands and feet! (Speaking of feet, you started sucking on your toes recently!) You also have crazy hair that has a mind of its own; a natural mohawk! It just wants to stick straight up :)

I just love you so much! You are a true joy to be around!

Love you forever,