Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dear Lilah: One Month

Dear Lilah,
One month down! And WOW did it fly by! It has been an amazing transition into parenthood! It has been full of anxiety, stress, sleepless nights, lots of laughter, projectile vomit and poop, loads and loads of laundry, many midnight calls to the nurse, and lots of love!
Around one week, you started sleeping through the night (in between feedings, which were about every 2-3hrs). We finally got your days and nights on track!! By 2 weeks you were holding your head up when I put you up on my shoulder and you were turning your head from side to side during tummy time. You seem to enjoy tummy time, at least in short increments.
At 2.5 weeks old, we took you on your first road trip to Lafayette, IN for Cousin Adrienne's wedding! You slept the whole way (besides feeding time), during the whole wedding, and reception! You met your Great Grandpap and Grandma Pozonsky! They were so excited to finally meet you!
Daddy stayed home with us until you were almost 2 weeks old. Grandma Paula came and stayed for a week and then Nonni came and stayed with us for a week! This has been my first week alone with you and so far we have been doing great and having fun! At your 1 month appointment you were 8lbs 8oz and 21 5/8in long and your head was 14 1/4in around. You are still in newborn clothing. You are long and skinny :) Doctors say you are gaining weight beautifully! We are not having anymore problems breastfeeding! Your favorite place to fall asleep is on my and daddy's chest! You love your swing and bouncy seat! At one month you are only waking up once a night (2-3a) to eat! I greatly appreciate the extra consecutive hours of sleep! You are overall a very content, happy, sweet baby girl :)
We have had a great first month and I am looking forward to what this upcoming month brings!