Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Lilah: Six Months

Dear Lilah,
Oh, sweet girl!! You are a firecracker. You are always 110%, whether you are mad/sad or happy! You never hold back! Sometimes this can be challenging and I am trying to learn what makes you tick still. I try what the books say but
you are far from textbook. We are trying little bits of everything and sadly I think we are going to have to resort to letting you cry it out (in moderation) to help you sleep. You have gotten to the point where you don't sleep enough so you are overtired which leads to more not sleeping. Its a vicious cycle. We have started solids! You LOVE sweet potatoes! You have tried carrots, squash, and bananas as well. You are sitting up all by yourself! You love to bounce and chatter away! We are still breastfeeding and that is going well! You do get distracted very easily... but otherwise we aren't having any issues in that department! Pitch Perfect is your favorite movie, always puts a smile on your face :) Just more evidence that you love music! Goodnight Moon is your favorite bedtime storybook right now!
Mommy passed her Respiratory Therapy boards this month!!! So I am officially an RRT and have started applying for jobs! I am torn about going back to work, but I know it will be good! We will just have to play it by ear and make it work!
You are 13lbs 13.8oz (12%) and 25.5in long. You still fit in 0-3mo clothing but we are mostly in 3-6mo clothes now! Doctor wants us to start solids 2x a day and she wants us to get rid of nighttime feedings (after 12a). You still wake up around 11p and 4a. You begin everyday around 7:30a! You have only been napping 2-3x a day and about 30mins each (most always under 2hrs of naps total).

I love you so much! I cannot believe you are 6mo already! You are such an amazing little girl :)

Love, Mommy