Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear Lilah: Two Months

Dear Lilah,
This month has been challenging for all of us. The colic phase hit around week 5. At this point you also started crying during mealtime... everyone kept telling us it was just the age for fussiness and gas. At your 2 month appointment, the doctor said you have reflux and we put you on Zantac. I'm still waiting for the medicine to kick in so you wont be in pain while you eat.
You started smiling and being a little more interactive with us! You love to "chitchat" with daddy on the changing table! We started a bedtime routine that you love! We started bath time, which always makes you smile :) And then we read you a couple books! We moved you into your nursery last week and you are doing great in your crib! You still wake up around 2:30a to eat but you sleep great in between feedings :)
   We went to Champaign for Easter! You got to meet my side of the family! Everyone was so excited to meet you :) A lot of our friends got to meet you as well!
   You are really trying to figure out your fingers and how to suck on them! You make funny sucking noises too :) You are starting to prefer your fingers to your paci... you are growing up so fast :)
  You are very active! You are kicking and moving your arms like crazy! You like to stand on our laps and be upright all the time! You need to be moving constantly and you LOVE music! The black keys- tighten up, seems to be your favorite song! It's the only one that calms you down when you are really upset.
At your appointment you weighed 10lbs 1.6oz, you were 22.5in long, and your head measured 14 3/4in around. You are in the 19% for weight and 50% for height! (you dropped from 29% last month for weight which is one of the reasons we started the medicine.)

I'm looking forward to the next month! I love watching you grow and develop! I love you so much!!

Love, Mommy