Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear Lilah: Eight Months

Dear Lilah,
You are a little firecracker! You are so full of energy, love, and happiness! It's such a joy and blessing to be home with you everyday! I wouldn't have it any other way!! This past month, we went to the apple orchard/ pumpkin patch and Auntie Lauren tagged along! You loved the tractor ride and being outside! We went to Champaign and you went to your first tailgate! You were such a trooper and SO happy for everyone! You are either SO happy or miserable. I don't know if you have figured out a happy medium yet. It's definitely an adventure with you everyday. You love to watch other kids! You get so excited- red face, ear to ear grin, and laughter! its amazing :) You are starting to try and "crawl" but its more like an army crawl or a little inch worm. You have also started trying to stand by yourself! you pull yourself up to standing and then let go! I bet you will be walking soon! You use me as a jungle gym and you flop all over me and the couch! little daredevil you are!
We have started giving you whole foods instead of purees because you really like to be in control! You love fruits! You babble to yourself all the time and you get pretty loud! You just wanna be heard! Daddy and I just watch you for hours! You are so entertaining!
You are still in 6/3-6 month clothing. I'm guessing you are around 14.5-15lbs.
You are such an amazing little girl and I cant believe you are going to be a year old soon!
Time has flown by!!

I love you with all my heart!


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Lilah: Seven Months

Dear Lilah,
Sweet baby girl, this month was a rough one. You had a fever the majority of the month. Right before you turned 7 months, you got a flu bug which turned into an ear infection and we had to put you on an antibiotic. every since then, you have been such an incredibly happy baby girl! You started trying to clap :)
You are trying to move! You are pulling up to stand on everything you can get a hold of! You are chatting up a storm with strings of constants! da, pa, ga, ba, la ... an occasional ma and squeals!! You have been napping much better since we started sleep training! You are still waking up at night around midnight and 4-5a.
You weigh 14lbs but you are a happy healthy baby girl :) just petite! You got your first 2 teeth! the bottom middle ones popped through this month :)

I'm loving all your baby giggles and toothy smiles :) I just can't get enough of you!
Love you, pumpkin!