Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dear Lilah: Four Months

Dear Lilah,
This month has been a crazy one! You started laughing! Which is the best sound in the world! Especially after a long day... You still aren't rolling over on your own, you can with a little help (if we cross your legs you will roll from your back to tummy). You are not a fan of tummy time although you get your head and chest high off the ground! (Dr. V says you are definitely strong enough to roll over so it should happen any day now.) This month you started lighting up for daddy when he gets home from work and at times your prefer him to hold you over me. He has that special way you like to be held and I can't imitate it b/c you just scream when I try! So yay daddy! :) We have pretty much gotten you on a 3 nap/day schedule and most of them are in your crib. Although lately you have started to be very clingy and naps have been more of a struggle. So I spoil you and hold you or let you nap in the swing for the time being! We've just gotta make it through this wonder week(s) and hopefully we will go back to normal! Same goes for nighttime sleep. You were only waking up once a night to eat (3a) and now its several times. Again the wonder week is to blame I've been told. You have started putting everything in your mouth and using both hands to do so! You are discovering new things everyday! Including your feet! At first you would just stare in amazement now you are grabbing them all the time!! You continue to be an extreme chatterbox, "talking" and "singing" for hours at a time non-stop and no, I am not exaggerating! You are very entertaining! You also started pushing up to stand! You may be small but you very strong!

Earlier this month your medicine and/or my diet were helping you eat with little problems. But shortly before our appointment with the GI dr you started screaming and arching again. She upped your dosage again but its not working like we have hoped. I'm to continue with my diet until you are 6 months old, for now. Dr. V told us to start you on rice cereal to try and help with the reflux. We've tried it a couple times and its not going too well. You were diagnosed with eczema this past month as well and so we get to grease you up 2-3x a day with heavy lotion and we also had to cut bath time down to 1-2x a week. You have scratch marks all over your head and legs and I feel so bad that you itch :( I'm hoping it gets better very soon! At your 4 month appt you were 12lbs 1oz which puts you in the 10th percentile for weight. You were 24.5in long! You are still wearing 0-3/3 month clothing. Although you are starting to get too long for your footie jammies, so we may have to move to 3-6 month pjs soon!

Daddy and I are so amazed by you everyday and I am excited to see what this upcoming month brings!
We love you, baby girl!