Monday, January 11, 2016

Dear Letti: 4 month

Dear miss Letti,
You are such a ball of light and happiness. You are giggling and rolling over on your own. You had your first ear infection and cold. You are still sleeping in mama's bed 1/2 the night and your rock n play the first 1/2 of the night. We are going to work on transitioning you into your room and crib in the next month or so. Your reflux is still eh. We are just dealing with it right now, hoping you grow out of it soon so you can be more comfortable. You are grabbing at stuff and pulling things toward your mouth. You adore your older sister. You track her everywhere and smile when she talks to you. I love seeing your relationship grow! You love to be read, talked, and sung to. We went and saw Santa after Thanksgiving. We went to Champaign for Thanksgiving and you did great in the car ride!