Friday, November 22, 2013

Dear Lilah: Nine Months

Dear Lilah,
Oh Pumpkin, this month has been a crazy month of firsts! You started crawling, standing by yourself, cruising all over, and taking solo steps!! You are going to be walking any day! You also started giving BIG, open mouth, slobbery kisses; they are the best!!! You have been pushing the boundaries when it comes to nap-time. Many times this past month you have only been taking one nap in the afternoon. That makes our day long and rough. You also had a stretch of days were you wouldn't sleep night or day. That was very hard. We took you to a pediatric allergist and she did a skin test that showed us you are allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, and dogs. So far, Zoey doesn't seem to be a problem, so we are just keeping the house clean and her out of your room. I had to go back on a breastfeeding diet to accommodate your allergies which hasn't been too bad! They put you on an allergy medicine for nighttime but I haven't noticed a huge difference so we are in the process of weaning you off of it now. They also gave us an epi pen and told us to keep that and Benedryl with us at all times. We will get a blood test done next summer to find out the severity of your allergies- for now, we are just going to avoid those things!
When we went to the doctor, you were 26.5in tall (12%) and 15lb (5%)! You met all your development markers and are advanced for most of them! You are in 6mo clothing, and I'm thinking you will need to move to 9mo pjs soon bc you are getting "long"!
You are an absolute joy to be around! You love to laugh and be tickled! You LOVE to dance to any music!! You are such an amazing sweetheart and I am so glad I get to be your mama!

Love you always,