Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dear Letti: One & Two Month letter

Dear Letti,
The first month literally flew by and I'm shocked! Where has the time gone? I am combining your first two months into one letter because time just got away from me. I'm learning to adjust to having you and your sister and trying to find our new normal. Its been hard but I wouldn't change it for anything!
You are so easy going and you have such a sweet disposition. You were the smilest newborn I have ever seen! We had a little bit of a rough start... You were coombs positive and developed jaundice. You wore a biliblanket starting day one. By day 3, your bilirubin levels were still climbing, so you were admitted into the NICU for 24 hrs for triple light therapy. We got to come home on day 4! From the very beginning, I had pain when you breastfed. We got you evaluated when you were 11 days old for a lip and tongue tie.  You had both. They were both pretty severe and restricted. We got them revised by Dr. Mindy, who was amazing. We took a family road trip to Morrison, IL to see her because she was a specialist and highly recommended. It was totally worth the trip. You had a bit of a rough recovery and it took us a couple weeks to get the hang of breastfeeding. We had a lactation consultant come to the house a couple times. She helped assure me that I was doing everything right, we just needed to give you some time to heal and learn how to use your tongue. She also recommended that we get you evaluated by early intervention. She thought a speech pathologist could really help you with your oral motor skills. She also noticed some sensory/transition concerns that OT may be able to help with. We got you evaluated at 7 weeks and you qualified for speech, OT, and a nutritionist, who is going to help us with your reflux. We started you on medication for reflux around one month because you were not gaining the amount of weight the dr wanted to see. You are still very uncomfortable but gaining weight spectacularly! We are going to change your medication and see if that helps your symptoms better. I also went on a diet (no dairy, eggs, soy, or nuts) to help you and it seems to be working. Once we get your reflux under control, I'll try to reintroduce foods.
You rolled from your tummy to your back around 6 weeks old, and you have done it on several other occasions. I think you think you are bigger than you are. slow down please!!
You had your real first smile at 5 weeks old. You are a social butterfly. You make the sweetest coo sounds. You make me light up! You are just so easy going, despite everything going on with you. You are just so wonderful! It's amazing to watch you with Lilah. You smile at her and follow her with your eyes whenever shes around. She started sitting by your feet so you can kick her back and Lilah thinks its hilarious. She wants to play with you and she's finding ways :) I know you guys will be best friends, even though you may fight. I'm glad you guys will always have each other.

One Month: 7lbs 8oz, 20.75 in
Two Months: 9lbs 15oz, 22in

First time Lilah met you

4 long days in the hospital

13 days old


one month!

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